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Despite India's rapid economic growth and the technological boom, Hindus — who comprise a vast majority of its population — are traditional folk, and rely on Vedic astrology to help guide their lives. This Eastern horoscopic system is a branch of the Vedas, Hindu scriptures from thousands of years ago. It has a different zodiac than its western counterpart , and predicts the probability of certain events happening based on the prevailing planetary positions at the time and place of birth. Almost every child gets a horoscope prepared at birth, indicating when important milestones — such as the completion of education and the year of marriage — may take place. Some ardent believers also consult either an astrologer (called a pandit) — the local priest proficient in understanding the system — or a Vedic calendar to guide them in their daily lives. There is an auspicious time for everything, from the time a baby is named to the time a corpse is cremated.  Similarly, marriages often go forward only if the astrologer deems the match favorable. The pandit studies the charts and characteristics based on Raasi (the moon signs) of the individuals, and implements a 36-point system in which the higher the compatibility number, the better the match. He further analyzes whether the bride or the groom have a dosha, meaning a negative spell caused by the entrance of either Saturn or Mars in their horoscopes, the two malefics that forebode illness, death or divorce. If such a spell exists, the chart reader either asks the couple to delay marriage until the cycle changes, conduct poojas (prayers) and give offerings to certain Gods, or to avoid the match altogether. My family, despite having moved to the U.S. 15 years ago, has held onto Hindu traditions and astrological beliefs.

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Not astrology but I feel a strong calling to ask you all to read this and read the comments too https://twitter.com/criminellelaw/status/1037511306906099712 …
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